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She's the mighty ball tightener!

When they made Nikita Valentin, they broke the mold! One look at this irresistible blonde beauty and your balls and cock will start aching till you release them of their agony! I mean look at her! Could you imagine what her skin tastes like, let along that juicy morsel between her legs? I'm imagining it tastes like candy canes on Christmas!
Big perfect boobs and wearing stockings and suspenders! My gosh that alone adds a couple of points to any girl and when she's already a ten it's a recipe for lots of gooey loads hands down! She teases us so badly with those panty hose and long legs mixed together with her sensuous moans. When they come off and we see her sexy bird of paradise , flappers and all, just hold on to your set belt, because you will be a stroking!

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